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Full time

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Senior Machine Learning Engineer - passionate about building scalable solutions that solve real problems.

You have a Phd or Master degree in:

  • machine learning / data science / statistics / computational linguistics
  • applied mathematics
  • software engineering
  • or equivalent
  • You have experience building and training ML/NLP models, using classical techniques as well as state-of-the-art
  • You have solid coding skills, particularly in Python and NLP / deep learning toolkits, and are happy to write code for production
  • You are passionate about the latest developments in machine learning and NLP
  • You want to work in an environment where we create new solutions to real problems and you are prepared to get your hands dirty, to wear many hats, working with messy data and evolving problem definitions
  • Experience working with legal or construction documents is a nice addition
  • You're eager to learn, as well as sharing your knowledge, and would like to work in a fast-paced startup culture
  • You have good oral and written skills in Norwegian or English

What we can offer:

  • To be a part of an incredible journey where we disrupt and change the value chain of an entire industry.
  • To join a startup with high speed in an early stage
  • You get to help develop brand new solutions in an industry where this is in high demand. The ecosystem that supports the Built World represents one of the largest untapped markets for technology in the world. 
  • You get to join a highly skilled and diverse team that works in both research and development
  • You will have the opportunity to develop new services based on cloud-based architecture and the latest technology
  • Competitive salary and working conditions
  • Skilled colleagues who are committed to creating the technology and society of the future

Some of Your Responsibilities Could Include

  • Researching, building, and productionising ML/NLP models and solutions in tight integration with domain experts and the platform team
  • Implementing ML/NLP tools and frameworks
  • Helping to create new products and services

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