Generative AI for real estate project managers.

Consigli enables teams to fine-tune floorplans, maximizing the potential of each square meter. And by better identifying material-efficient solutions, directly reduce the carbon footprint.

Architectural Drawings and Written Requirements

This funcionality helps the project management compare the architects drawing or model, with the written specifications. By showcasing discrepancies, the feedback to the architect can be targeted towards getting the building the developer needs and can afford.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Save material and energy by having this service lay out all the components in the ceiling grid and attached pipes, ducts and cable trays. All components are placed in the optimal position and quantities. Ducts and pipes follow all rules of minimum pressure loss and shortest route. Get the whole ceiling plan interdisciplinary engineered and coordinated up to RIBA stage 3 in a few days.


Less material consumption

Illstation showing autimatically adding ceiling grid and attached pipes, ducts and cable tray using AI

Optimised Plant Room

This functionality makes sure your plant rooms have the right size. Right size for efficient operation and maintenance and still not stealing rentable or sellable floor space.   In desentraliced systems, the same functionality makes sure to maximize the ceiling height. By finding the optimal placements of FCU, pipes and ducts the void can be made as little as possible, allowing for higher ceilings in appartments, offices or hotel rooms.

Up to 55%

Reduction in space needed for technical installations

Tender documentation

In the pre tender face, this functionality searches for text we know can create trouble in your project. This can be vage wording, references to standards that are not longer valid, discrapancies in described liability and other factors we know happens in these kind of docouments – based on vast amount of domain knowledge and experience. This AI service has the training no human project management team can ever gain in a lifetime.

Illustation showing AI that identifies text that can cause trouble in your documentation

O&M Manual

Let this functionality do the heavy lifting in finding errors, discrepancies and missing documentation for you and allow for a high quality hand over from development to operation.   The service allows for list of faults and missing documentation to be sent to the contractor within hours. It also sorts the documents according to the classification needed by your O&M system and finds all the tasks defined in the documentation, for easy implementation for the operation of the building.

Propchat - A new way of navigating your Q&M documentation

When quality checking all the O&M documentation, the automonmous engineer made all the documents in to data and trained a large data model. By applying large language models, the PropChat allows you to “talk” to your building.  You can simply ask CONSIGLI PropChat the questions you have, and if the answer lays somewhere within your O&M manual, your will gett fast and precise. For extra quality assesment, press the i-icon and read the documentation she is basing her answer on.

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