Employ the Autonomous Engineer

Employ her in your organization or on your project team

Architectural Drawings and Written Requirements

This funcionality helps the project management compare the architects drawing or model, with the written specifications. By showcasing discrepancies, the feedback to the architect can be targeted towards getting the building the developer needs and can afford.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Save time, material and energy by leveraging CONSIGLI AI tool for early-stage M&E design. All components are placed in the optimal position and quantities. It ensures ducts and pipes are routed to minimize pressure loss and to follow the shortest path possible. Experience a fully engineered and coordinated ceiling plan up to RIBA stage 3 in just a few days, streamlining your project with interdisciplinary precision.


Less material consumption

Illstation showing autimatically adding ceiling grid and attached pipes, ducts and cable tray using AI

Optimised Plant Room

Our AI ensures your plant rooms are optimally sized for efficient operation and maintenance while conserving valuable rentable or sellable floor space.

In decentralized systems, it maximizes ceiling height by identifying the optimal placement of FCUs, pipes, and ducts, thereby minimizing the void space. This allows for higher ceilings in apartments, offices, or hotel rooms, enhancing the spatial quality and aesthetic appeal of these environments

Up to 55%

Reduction in space needed for technical installations

Tender documentation

Use generative AI to identify risk elements in your tender documentation. Tender documents often contain vague wording, conflicting requirements, and discrepancies. Our AI tool assists you in detecting these risk elements so you can address them before submitting your project for pricing. Contractors can leverage out tool to quickly uncover risks during the bidding phase.

Illustation showing AI that identifies text that can cause trouble in your documentation

O&M Manual

Let the autonomous engineer take on the tedious and time-consuming task of ensuring the quality of your O&M (Operation and Maintenance) documentation during handover. Quickly identify missing documents, invalid revisions, incomplete operation descriptions, and disclaimers of liability, and then send a list of deficiencies to the contractor or subcontractor. The documentation will also be organized according to the classification required by your O&M system, extracting maintenance intervals and operational information to ensure a comprehensive O&M package and a smooth transition from project to operation.

Propchat - A new way of navigating your documentation

By applying large language models, CONSIGLI PropChat allows you to “talk” to your documents.  You can simply ask CONSIGLI PropChat the questions you have, and if the answer lays somewhere within your tender documents or your O&M manual, your will get an answer fast and precise.

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