The Autonomous Engineer

Reducing risk, cost and carbon in your real estate development projects

Save Time and Cost

  • Reducing cost by optimal solution, with ducts and pipes travel shortest route, and optimal number and placement of components in the technical solution.
  • Use less km of pipes, ducts and components installed.
  • Reducing engineering time by months reduces the financial cost.
  • Having better quality tender documentation reduces main contractors’ risk and should reduce the construction price. Well-coordinated interdisciplinary solution reduces sub-contractors risk and should reduce the price.

Reduce Risk

  • Eliminating discrepancies, out dated references, vague wording, and missing specifications in the contract document package.
  • Generating a complete interdisciplinary M&E solution for the early-stage planning. Making sure every installation is positioned right in the ceiling and the plant room is optimized to fit everything, without takin too much space.

Reduce Carbon

  • An engineered solution using less km of pipes, ducts, and cable treys. Using less is the simplest way of better sustainability. With selecting more sustainable materials in the detail design, this early stage reduction in the overall material usage results in big impact in the industry that uses 40% of all the material in the world.
  • Less distances and better angles of pipes and ducts. Friction in pipes and ducts require more energy in pushing air and water to and from where it is needed by the users of the boiling.
  • A higher quality contract reduces the risk for building errors causing waist in the construction phase need for rebuild after the building is finished, due to wrong specifications.


Reduced embodied carbon

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Consigli is used by

Consigli is used by

Frequently asked questions

What input do you need to do the M&E engineering?

We need the architechual model or floorplans, and room spesifications

What input do you need to optimise my plant room?

We need the 3d-model with placeholders or actual equipment

Where will my data go?

Your data will be stored in your own space on Microsoft azure. No customer data will be used for model training.

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