Designing better buildings for future society

Our "autonomous engineer" contributes to a more sustainable real estate industry, using AI and mathematics to optimise design and planning during development.

Real impact

Other industries have shifted from human engineered solutions to machine engineered design - reducing material usage by up to 70%. In the built world we need to stop wasting material and let the machines do the designing. That is why we have created CONSIGLI - the autonomous engineer.

Risk reduction and optimisation

Using AI, mathematics and coded domain knowledge, Consigli creates value in specific parts of the planning and engineering process. We reduce embodied carbon and carbon footprint in operation, reduce cost, and increase the potential revenue of the property.

Reduce project time and the cost related to time
Reduce embodied carbon
Reduce carbon footprint in operation

PropChat goes live!

Our new service Consigli PropChat, combines the powerful tool Chat GPT with domain knowledge, laws, standards and best practise from prevoius construction projects. Now you can ask our autonomous engineer almost any engineering related questions about your project. You can also ask questions about your specific project document package, so you can find all the information you need super fast

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A simple yet powerful and efficient process

All our services are based on documents and data you already have. Accessible from your regular internet browser with no need for a “super user” or training. We know the industry and have made the services for you. The output is tailored to match your regular business process and the help you need – when you need it.

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