The Consigli team

CONSIGLI is the sum of all our wonderful people. We are a Diversity and Competence first company – and we believe trust to be the key component for a fast-moving team. To gain trust in people, you need to spend time together. Our team comes from all over the world and work together at our offices, located in Oslo. This ensures high speed to make real impact. We are all impelled to design better, more sustainable buildings for future society.

Our values drive what we do

High speed, solving complex issues mixed with an interdisciplinary team from all over the world, make our daily work exciting and educational. Through our diverse expertise and different cultures, we are well equipped to tackle the complex challenges of our mission. Consigli´s growing fast and we are hiring more smart people going forward.

Our culture

At Consigli, sustainability and diversity are core, and we believe that diversity is a prerequisite for success in making the construction and real estate industry more sustainable. Openness, diversity and mutual respect are the important values on which our culture is built. We love working with what we do. We get things done and we are not afraid to be a little different.

Do you want to join us?