Søndre Borgen Kindergarden
The customer used AI to quality-assure the tender documentation
Missing requirements
Outdated Standards
Product specifications
Unclear Wordings
We used Consigli to quality-assure the tender documentation. Even after our own QA process, Consigli identified several remaining risk elements. The risks were presented in a clear manner, allowing us to easily correct the documents before entering into a contract with the contractor. We will continue to use Consigli in our projects going forward!" - Therese Giskeødegård Osvik (PL), Møre og Romsdal County Municipality.
Asker Kommune
In this project, we supported Asker Municipality by ensuring the quality of tender specifications before the tendering phase. We uncovered numerous omissions, discrepancies, references to outdated standards, ambiguous contract terms, and conflicts in accountability. These issues, if unaddressed, could have elevated the municipality's risk and project expenses. Our intervention led to an estimated project savings of 1,2 million NOK (about €120,000), markedly mitigating financial and operational risks

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