Exploring Norwegian AI and Prop-Tech Innovation

Mar 13, 2024

Can it help accelerate London's retrofit revolution?

Exploring Norwegian AI and Prop-Tech Innovation

Last week CONSIGLI, Unloc and Haptic Architects welcomed more than 70 property executives to the Norwegian Ambassador's residence in London.


To explore if Norwegian AI and proptech innovation can help accelerate London's retrofit revolution, and enhance decision-making and sustainability in the real estate sector. A big thank you to Norwegian Embassy in London and Innovation Norway in Europe & Africa for all your support and for making this an unforgettable evening for us and for our clients, colleagues and collaborators.

Overall a fantastic evening for us at CONSIGLI and an important milestone in our expansion to the UK. It was incredible to have one of our biggest supporters and customers Entra ASA with us on stage to demonstrate how they are using CONSIGLI in their development projects.

Thank you Nina Valli Eriksen for your amazing contribution, and for supporting our growth in London

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