Attending Nærings and Fiskeridepartementets Ownership Conference

Jun 12, 2024

The theme for today was AI

Attending Nærings and Fiskeridepartementets Ownership Conference

Such a great honor to have CONSIGLI -The Autonomous Engineer portrayed on stage!

Insanely proud of the global team of experts we have attracted to Norway, building world class AI to solve some of the great challenge of material and energy consumption in buildings - and the lack of efficiency in this great global industry.

We heard from Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl and others that Norway might be in exploring and developing AI, but a laggard in implementing and therefore loosing competitiveness. Our need to scale to UK, USA and Japan to get real traction was a direct consequence - and maybe a healthy push for making success?

The main message today was; get started!

Thanks to Liv Dingsør for kind introduction and excellent guiding though the program. -and to Anne Lise Gryte, Kari Olrud Moen, Birger Magnus for great conversations.

Nicolai Tangen

Rohan Kumar Yadav, PhD

Ingebjørg Foss Daae

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