Attending Building Transformations Conference in Phoenix, US

May 31, 2024

The Future of Design and Construction

Attending Building Transformations Conference in Phoenix, US

Bringing CONSIGLI to the Building Transformations conference in Phoenix in end of May -participating in this panel with these amazing people.

The session will highlight case studies demonstrating AI's impact on cost efficiency, sustainability, and safety in construction projects. Additionally, experts will discuss future trends, potential challenges, and strategies for effectively adopting AI in design and construction practices.

The AI driven Autonomous Engineer is already employed in her first US project to reduce risk, cost and carbon footprint.

Great discussion about AI and transformation of the industry. CONSIGLI The Autonomous Engineer was presented to the Contractors in US.

Thanks Hannu Lindberg and DPR Construction for the invite! An honor being part of the panel with Mark C.HOK, Jeff MottleNVIDIA and Mike MorleyArcurve discussing Opportunities for Engaging AI in Design and Construction -And to share the stage with the fantastic Sandra Benson from Procore Technologies and Anniina Autero all the way from Tampereen kaupunki - City of Tampere. Thanks Jessica DuBose  for a great tour at Digital Building Components. The Prefab factory with the largest flag and greatest efficiency. Impressive!

Read more about the event here:

HOK NVIDIA Arcurve Mark C.

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