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Cars have been using technology preparing for autonomous driving for years. Now it is time to implement technology that will give us the autonomous engineer.

We provide a range of tools to improve your real estate projects. The tools  solves the pain you experience, based on already existing data and documents, and technology developed by other industries. Now is the time to use the technology we need to design better buildings for future society.

Our impact in numbers

Companies assisted
Reuced engineering time
Increased development value
Material reduction

Reduce carbon emission with optimisation software

By applying advanced mathematics and combinatorics in engineering, CONSIGLI finds the cross disciplinary optimal and coordinated design for your project. Optimising on the parameters that meet each project's specific requirements, securing maximum value for the customer.

Technical system

Cross disciplinary, coordinated design for all the components in the grid of the ceiling plan at LOD 300, directly from spesifications - optimised design to minimise material usage and energy consumption

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Floor plans

Don´t waste space. Get more sellable square meters by optimising floor plan design.

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Plant rooms

The optimal size, placement and content for an efficient plant room that works well during operation.

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Risk mitigation

Find risks and discrepancies across all the uploaded documents. Findings are viewed and can be handled before turning into unnecessary cost.

Due Dilligence

Upload the documents from the DD-data room and let AI show you where there is risk in the transaction.

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Tender specification

Upload the documents prepared for the tender and let AI check for missing requirements, incorrect references, vague formulations and conflicting information in the content. Start the project with lower risk and save money.

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Upload incoming offers and let AI check for conflicting information, hidden prices, reservations and clarifications, and how the offer correlates with the tender specification.

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Tenant specification

Find discrepancies between the requirements specification from the tenant and your property to expose requirements that may pose a risk in the negotiation.

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Operation and maintenance documentation

A high quality Operation and Maintenance Manual is a prerequisite for efficient operation. Let AI do the quality assessment of the submitted O&M manual before handover.

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