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Consigli builds a data driven platform for design and planning of buildings and infrastructure. With the use of AI and mathematics in combination with coded domain knowledge, we are on our mission to provide better buildings for future society. 

Buildings that perform better for the users, consumes less material, and leaves less carbon footprint. 

With our platform, the real estate companies and main contractors gets faster and better foundation for cross discipline decision making. We highlight risks in the formal documentation throughout their business processes and we design technical solutions based on their collective performance for the user of the building to prevent silo based systems not optimized for the common goal. 

Consiglis is led by experienced women with background from building tech, real estate, design of technical systems and building successful companies. Our development team has strong academic record ranging from PhDs in mathematics and physic to MSc in data science. All situated in Oslo, Norway, we currently have people from 12 different nationalities and 50/50 gender mix. 

We aim at transforming the planning and design phase from manual work, supported by drawing tools, excel and word, to data driven insight supporting human decision making.

To build the data driven insight, we build different tools, all supported by a data lake/repository. Our uniqueness is in the tools we make. One suite of tools is heavily built on Natural Language Processing, and another is built on a mix of Heuristic Mathematic Optimization combined with Machine Learning, predictions and then paired with coded domain knowledge. 

Our platform is built to support the business processes of Real estate companies and Main contractors and in built on real data, and the quality of these data today.

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